lördag 27 februari 2010

PhotoHunt theme # 202, "Daily" / Fotojakttema nr 202 "Daglig"

This week's PhotoHunt theme # 202 is "Daily". Here is an example of something that is a daily occurance: mealtimes. Cajsa Cat is having her lunch.
Denna veckas Fotojakttema är "Daily" d.v.s. "Dagligt". Här ser vi ett exempel på något som vi gör varje dag, vi äter mat. Här äter Cajsa Katt middag.

Purrs/ Med mjuk tass,
Sara Cat /Sara Katt


2 kommentarer:

Mrs. Mecomber sa...

This is a daily event at our house, too! Such pretty cat food bowls and mats. :)

I played, too. Happy weekend!

Scott (AKA Bull Rhino) sa...

Gotta keep up your strength for the long naps. Sorry I'm a day late getting to your post, but great take on the theme.